Healthcare Card Alen Top Salud

For the entire family. From only 69 € per year + 10 € for any additional member

Medical cover which stands out:

10 general medicine consultations per year WITHOUT CHARGE*
10 paediatric consultations per year WITHOUT CHARGE*
• Blood samples and injectables WITHOUT CHARGE
All specialist medical consultations bear a charge of €24 unlimited
Physiotherapy sessions €10 unlimited
• 2 consultations per year with chiropody FREE OF CHARGE
• Dental X-rays unlimited FREE OF CHARGE
• Emergency dental appointments unlimited FREE OF CHARGE
1 dental cleaning per member FREE OF CHARGE
• Tooth extractions FREE OF CHARGE**
• Odontopediatric treatments FREE OF CHARGE***
• Up to 66% off dental treatments
• Up to 15% off Orthodontics
• Diagnostic tests with up to 40% off
• 10% less on Cosmetic Surgery

Download the complete list of fees here


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As from the second year, the yearly cost is €84 per year plus €10 per additional member.
*A maximum of 10 consultations choosing between general medicine and paediatrics. **2 a year choosing between
simple or complicated extractions without suture or surgery. ***fissure sealant, extraction temporary tooth
and fluoride treatment. Podiatry: 2 appointments with the chiropodist free of charge per card; NOT per member.


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